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Welches Video ist Dein Favorit?
Council - Rust to Gold
Northpolyptica – Das Gute ist fort
Dead Memory – Only One try
Apallic – The Awakening
The Electric Coast – Disagree
OhrenTod – Liebe auf Rezept
VoiceBreak – Nur Lieder
Eisenschwein – Kein Liebeslied
Don’t Try This – Suffocation
Sober Truth – Leave the Locust in the Lunatic Asylum
Saddiscore – Too far away
Dead Memory – Welcome to my Fairytale
BOOL – Soul Train
An Assfull of Love – Bang Bang Boom
Breaking Samsara – Light of a new beginning
Nero Doctrine – Plague
Consvmer – Nur dich
Sober Truth – Collapse
4 Zimmer Küche Bad – Mein Radio
BOMBA ft. POGO – Que Paso
Nighttrain – Monument of Ignorance
Northpolyptica – Bevor Du gehst
Bomba & LaLa Miguel – Vem Aqui
Lucy without Diamonds – Cereal Killer
Beast of Damnation – Blutzoll
Exitus – Dämon
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